Petition : No to BACC 87! Stop the corvicide!

Petition Campaign addressed to: 
Le Ministre de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire
Le Préfet de la Haute-Vienne

Last May in Haute-Vienne France, the Chamber of Agriculture and the Departmental Federation of Hunters teamed up to form an «Action Brigade Against the Corvids» its acronym is «BACC».

What is these Birds’ Crime?

Corvids are playing the role of the criminals, farmers as the victims and the hunters as avengers?
But again, what is the crime? 
Taking food to survive in nature, and acting as regulators in the ecosystem?

A Bonus for Every Bird Killed!

We read on BACC web front page «Crow damages? BACC is recruiting! ». 
Upon report of agricultural damages, hunters have the authorization to kill corvids and be rewarded with free ammunitions all year long provided by the Agricultural Center:   
As a bonus, hunter will be given « 3 cartridges per bird killed »!

Crow-Life denounces :

  • The use of the acronym BACC resembling to BAC (anti-criminal brigade) and perfect homophony. An insidious use of language misleading the public on the nature of the Corvids, and guiding towards the association of ‘corvidae = criminal’ ideas.
  • It is an illegal action leading to destruction of protected species:  by this confusion, assimilation and destruction of Corvid species are taking place regardless of their protected status.
  • 2 corvidae species: the Black Crow and the Common Raven, have entered a blacklist classification of potentially damaging species (ESOD) in Haute-Vienne without any clue for this type of classification. 
  •   No Corvids should be listed as harmful species today 
  • Any action to destroy them is a corvicide*.

Crow-Life reminders : 

  • Ten species of corvidae are present in France and the majority of them have the status of protected species (6/10).
  • Two species of ravens, the Common Raven and the Great Raven, are present in France as well as in department au Haute-Vienne 87 and one of these two species is protected.
  • Therefore the Departmental Federation of Hunters and the Chamber of Agriculture cannot (propose) to act against “crows” or urge others to do so.

Crow-Life asks :

  1. To remind the Chamber of Agriculture and the Departmental Federation of Hunters of Haute-Vienne of their duties such as Informing and training with rigor as opposed to create confusion that could lead to the destruction of protected species
  2. To prohibit the name « Brigade d’Action Contre les Corvidés » and the acronym « BACC » or « BACC87 »
  3. To strongly condemn any encouragement to destroy protected species.

(*)Crow Life defines a “corvicide” as methodic killing or destruction of birds belonging to the corvids family.. The term may also refer to any person responsible for such an act.

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